Wireless Position Monitoring

Accurate real time information, helping to reduce capital and operational expenses while increasing safety and productivity in the plant.

  • Any valve, any actuator (quarter-turn, multi-turn, gate valves, diaphragm valves)
  • Full range position indication 0%-100% (detecting the uncompleted movements)
  • Predictive valve maintenance (detecting damaged 'o'-ring, air pressure problems, sticky valve, hydraulic shock)
  • Various safety applications (relief valves, safety showers, rupture disc)

The RI Wireless monitoring system is a revolutionary concept for valve monitoring. Based on 2.4 GHz radio frequency, and 802.15.4 family of protocols, the system delivers unmatched response time, has the lowest power consumption and the smallest physical size compared with other sensors. All wireless units have batteries with very long life of more than five years in a typical installation.

The field devices are configured in a mesh network topology that ensures full redundancy and self healing. There is no single point of failure. The system is easily integrated into the plant control systems.

Wireless Position Monitoring
RI Wireless general


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