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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

The Group believes that responsible business is the best business. It can benefit our operational effectiveness, develop our industry leading products, grow our business and build on the trust of our stakeholders. More details about CSR can be found in the Annual Report & Accounts 2013.

The Group’s approach to CSR is focused around four main themes:

The Environment

The environmental programme, described in more detail on pages 35 to 37 of the Annual Report & Accounts 2013, benefits the Group in a number of ways including ensuring compliance with legal requirements in all territories in which the Group operates, achieving cost savings by reducing waste and resource consumption, and reducing emissions which contributes to sustaining the environments in which the Group operates.

To download a copy of Rotork’s Environmental Report 2013 click here.

Ethics and Values

The Group looks to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner at all times. High standards of ethics and values are important to the Group because they help to foster an open and honest culture which contributes to the effectiveness of our people, allowing us to attract, motivate and retain talent, build on the trust of our stakeholders and to enhance and protect our reputation. Furthermore, behaving ethically and honestly, for example by taking a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, contributes to improving standards in markets around the world which will help nurture and grow these markets. More details of the Group’s ethics and values can be found on pages 37 to 39 of the Annual Report & Accounts 2013 and our Ethics & Values Statement. The Group's whistleblowing policy gives whistleblowers a platform to alert senior management to any suspected wrongdoing at work.

Health and Safety

The Group’s employees are essential to the success of the business. Providing a safe working environment is paramount and by ensuring our people are safe we enhance the effectiveness of our workforce by mitigating the risk of injury and reducing costs associated with employee illness or injury. The Group’s approach to health and safety can be found on pages 39 to 40 of the Annual Report & Accounts 2013.

Community Involvement

The Group’s asset-light business model means that we do not significantly disrupt local communities where we are based. Nevertheless, we recognise that we operate in a wide number of territories around the world and that our operations have some impact on the communities within these territories. Furthermore, the Group’s employees, customers and suppliers are often members of these communities and normally these businesses are run by local people. A product of this engagement is to ensure that the Group continues to be welcomed in the communities we work in and this contributes to the sustainability of our operations. Local causes are supported through each location having its own charity committee focused on its local community. More details on community involvement can be found on pages 40 to 41 of the Annual Report & Accounts 2013.

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