Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Rotork believes that being a responsible business leads to being the best business, which can benefit operational effectiveness, develop industry leading products, grow the business and build on the trust of stakeholders.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our business and Rotork is dedicated to making a positive impact around the world to ensure the Group continues to be successful in the long-term. The ongoing commitment to embed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across all processes and the way it operates is something that Rotork is proud of.

This report sets out our policies, procedures and systems on how we manage our impact on the environment, how we conduct our business, how we provide a safe working environment and how we work with the local community in which we operate.

The Group’s approach is focused around four main themes:

The Environment

Rotork is fully committed to reducing its impact on the environment by preventing pollution in all territories in which it operates, and to make sure it is compliant with any relevant legal or regulatory requirements. By complying it contributes to help sustain the environment, and it brings cost savings by reducing the consumption of energy, water, waste and recycling. The environmental programme is described in more detail on pages 42 to 45 of the Annual Report.

Ethics and Values

Ethics and values are fundamental to the way in which we do business. Respecting internationally proclaimed human rights, promoting an open and honest culture, having a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption worldwide, and selecting suppliers with sound reputations in the marketplace are important aspects for the Group to adhere to. More details of the Group’s ethics and values can be found on pages 46 to 47 of the Annual Report.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all employees and contractors is of paramount importance in providing a safe working environment. Our fundamental principle, ‘if you cannot do a job safely, we will not do the job’, is actively promoted to everyone. This ensures that our people remain safe and we enhance the effectiveness of our workforce by reducing the risk of injury and costs associated with injury or illness. The Group’s approach to health and safety can be found on pages 48 to 49 of the Annual Report.

Community Involvement

The Group considers it important to contribute and engage positively in the communities it operates in, to be a good community neighbour around the world and as a corporate entity, community involvement is part of that responsibility. One of our corporate values is to produce a positive and beneficial impact in the areas in which we operate and more details on community involvement can be found on pages 50 to 51 of the Annual Report.