Key Objectives

Within the Group Strategy the following objectives have been identified as the Key Objectives for 2016:

Objective Description
Sales Growth Deliver profitable sales growth by focussing on the customer, increasing international coverage, broadening end markets and leveraging the expanding product portfolio.
Employee Development Invest to support growth strategy and promote diversity and inclusion throughout the company.
Innovation Develop and introduce new products in each of the divisions.
Acquisitions Execute acquisition plan of identified opportunities.
Manufacturing Excellence Consolidate and develop world class manufacturing facilities delivering market leading products and service.
Supply Chain Management Further develop and leverage global supply chain.
Corporate & Social Responsibility Continue to drive safety improvement and deliver the CSR strategy.
Global Business System Increase the rate of development and roll out of the global business system solution.
Service Growth Further develop after market services capability including the Client Support Programme.
Cost Management Accelerated cost management reflecting current market conditions.