CQ Range, single and double-acting, pneumatic and hydraulic, compact helical actuators.

The RFS CQ range is an innovative fully concentric balanced design based on a helical mechanism, transforming the linear motion of the piston into a quarter-turn rotation of the valve stem to operate a comprehensive range of valve types.

The CQ range is a new versatile, strong and proven design. The actuator is a balanced, self-contained and highly reliable solution which is suitable for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The CQ can be used in harsh environmental conditions where functional integrity and safety is required and where space is limited.

The unique design features provide a new and highly reliable actuation solution, capable of generating high output torque for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications. All this within a compact design which can be used where a conventional scotch yoke actuator cannot fit.

The versatile mechanism allows the use of many cylinders for each mechanism size. CQ range features different actuator builds for many different applications. The CQ design allows a complete customisation of the torque profile to meet custom requirements.


  • Pneumatic / hydraulic single- and double-acting
  • Main body configuration tailored to application e.g. tie rod, solid body


  • Up to 150,000 Nm

Operating Medium

  • Instrument air
  • mineral oil
  • sweet, clean and dry natural gas / nitrogen

Design Pressure

  • 12 barg for the pneumatic
  • 210 barg for the hydraulic version

Stroke Adjustment

  • 90° ± 5°

Temperature Range

  • Standard -30 to 100 °C (-22 to 212 °F)
  • PED compliant -20 to 100 °C (-4 to 212 °F)
  • Low temp available down to -60 °C (-76 °F)


  • IP66/IP68, PED, ATEX, IECEx, EAC, suitable for SIL3 application


  • Pneumatic / hydraulic cylinder internally coated for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Externally epoxy painted to customer requirements
  • Seals available in NBR / Viton / Low T NBR / Fluorsilicone, etc.

See CQ literature page for further details.

CQ Range