Digital Input Box

The Input Box (DIB) consists of a wireless monitoring module using the most advanced 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 communication protocols. It has 3 digital dry contact inputs and one analog input (future option). The DIB is a non-routing sleepy device.

The DIB is housed in an IP65 industrial box (IP66 for non-ATEX) and external antenna. It is powered by four ½ AA batteries type Tadiran TL4902 that power the unit for more than 8 years assuming not more than 10 input changes per hour. Whenever one of the inputs changes state, the DIB reports the state of the three dry contact inputs and the timing between the dry contact events.

The DIB reports the inputs state every configurable interval (8 sec to 60 min) or after it sensed a state change in one of the inputs. The DIB temperature,batteries status, the state of the three digital inputs, wireless signal strength, and other housekeeping information are broadcasted with every message. Each DIB message is transmitted with a real time stamp.


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Digital Input Box
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