Hiller Nuclear Actuators

Hiller is a well-established, global supplier of fluid-power valve actuators for the nuclear power industry with an extensive installed base in both safety related and non-safety related applications. We have products for all pneumatic, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic actuator requirements including linear and rotary applications.

Key packages we can supply include MSIV (Main Steam Isolation Valve) actuation, MFIV (Main Feedwater Isolation Valve) actuation, HCVV (Hardened Containment Vent Valve) actuation and numerous other applications within a nuclear power plant.

Environmental Qualification of our products is done in accordance with well recognised standards (e.g., IEEE-323/344/382) as well as plant specific requirements. These qualifications are performed by third-party, independent laboratories and are designed to ensure operation of all safety critical valves in the plant.

Hiller maintains a quality assurance programme in accordance with the requirements of industry standards (e.g., 10CFR50 App. B, 10CFR21, and NQA-1) that is regularly audited by both NUPIC and NIAC.

In addition to supplying class-leading actuators into the nuclear power market, Rotork-Hiller takes pride in the aftermarket technical services and support we offer to our customers.

See Hiller literature page for further details.

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Rotork also provides electric valve actuators and gearboxes to the nuclear power industry.