IQH - High Speed

Based on the multi-turn IQ actuator the IQH provides a range of high output speeds while being generally irreversible and therefore provides a self-locking ability by the actuator for the valve. Developed for diverter valves in meter prover applications, IQH provides fast operation with positive seating without backdriving.

IQH actuators offer the following powerful features:

  • Speeds up to 259 rpm and torque range 75 to 397 Nm (55 to 293 lbf.ft)
  • Multi-turn and quarter-turn
  • High speed - self locking capability
  • Non-intrusive set-up
  • Clear, user friendly controls and indication
  • Simplified torque and position control for increased reliability
  • Flexible and comprehensive control and indication
  • On-board datalogger
  • IrDA compatible for local and remote actuator analysis via PC
  • IQ insight & IQ Pocket Insight software tools for set-up, analysis, asset management and diagnostics

See IQ3 Range Literature page for further details.