IQ Innovations

Advanced Display

The dual stacked display allows large segment character position displays down to -50 °C while the matrix display provides detailed setting, status and diagnostic (graphical and textual) multi-lingual screens. Overall the display is 30% bigger than the IQ Pro, is backlit to provide excellent contrast even in the brightest ambient light conditions and is protected by a toughened glass window. An optional protective clip-in cover is available where high UV levels or abrasive conditions are present. The position indication is shown to one decimal place.

Asset Management

Valve stroke force graphs, duty trend logs, service logs along with valve and actuator manufacturing data can be viewed locally, or extracted by the user and stored as the basis for planned maintenance and operational activities, process performance characteristics and comparison. As part of the ongoing commitment to improving asset management and providing reliable data for optimised preventative maintenance, the next-generation IQ now includes configurable service / maintenance alarms.

Bluetooth® Communications Interface

Next-generation IQ actuators are set up using its partner Bluetooth® Setting Tool. Bluetooth® connectivity allows easier use without direct-line of sight and over greater distances, however security has to match. This is achieved by the initial "pairing" of tool and actuator being carried out by a single infra-red transaction after which a Bluetooth wireless connection automatically takes over. The Bluetooth® connection has 4 levels of configurable security. Configuration changes are password protected and the actuator is immune to connection by non-Rotork devices or programmes. Rotork actuators include an onboard datalogger, which captures valve, actuator, control signal operation, service alarms and status data which can be viewed locally on the display or downloaded to a PC using Insight2.

Compact Double-Sealed Enclosure

The Rotork double-sealed design permanently ensures the protection of internal components - even during site wiring - by separating them from the cable gland and terminal compartment with a watertight terminal block.

Enhanced Reliability using an Absolute Encoder (Multi-turn Variants)

Reliable valve position sensing is critical. Using the latest technology and after several years of testing, the patented Rotork IQ absolute encoder is contactless, has only four active parts, can measure up to 8,000 output turns with a resolution of 7.5° and has redundancy and self checking built in. Unlike existing absolute encoder designs, this technological breakthrough increases position sensing reliability while providing zero-power position measurement.

Intelligent Battery Management

The on-board battery provides power for local and remote indication when the main actuator supply is unavailable. The battery also provides power to enable actuator settings to be made using the Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro; commissioning can take place at premises without power or the right voltage, or after installation but before site cabling is completed. This also enables the datalogger to be fully operational without mains power.

Local Interface

Human Machine Interface (HMI) includes a large high contrast dual-stacked display, local controls, Bluetooth® wireless technology, Status indication and an optional environmental shield. Non-intrusive local control guaranteed with the use of robust magnetic hall-effect sensors.

Secure Local Controls

Padlockable local/stop/remote selector switch and Open/Close switch operate internal reed switches, avoiding penetrating shafts which would require sealing for environmental protection.

Thrust Base (Multi-turn Variants)

For all sizes, the cartridge styled thrust and non-thrust base types are separate to the gearcase facilitating easy installation. Should the actuator be removed, the base can be left on the valve to maintain its position.

Watertight, Dust tight and Explosionproof

The IQ enclosure is rated IP68 (submersible for 7 meters for 72 hours), NEMA 4/4X/6. It is completely watertight, dust tight and does not "breathe". Explosionproof certified actuators share the same enclosure. Customised paint finishes and fire protection coatings available.

Worldwide Support

Rotork's worldwide sales and service network guarantees localised support for actuator installations in any area.