Rotork's NA, NE and ND ranges of electric actuators for the nuclear power industry are designed and tested for the latest plant specifications and industry standards, such as IEEE, RCCE and IEC. 

Rotork is an internationally audited and approved nuclear actuator manufacturer, all nuclear actuators are manufactured in accordance with strict nuclear industry quality assurance requirements.

  • 3-phase AC or DC power supply options
  • Inside or outside containment
  • 60 year, 3000 cycle design life
  • Removable thrust base (NE/ND ranges)
  • Visual position indication (NE/ND ranges)
  • Optional torque limiter
  • Optional thrust compensator
  • Optional plug and socket quick disconnect (NE/ND ranges)
  • Optional diagnostic interface (NE/ND ranges)

See publication PUB004-001 for further details.

Environmental qualification of Rotork nuclear electric actuators and gearboxes.

NA Range Actuator

Rotork also provides fluid-power valve actuators and gearboxes for the nuclear power industry