NTBG Series - Non Thrust Bevel GOST

NTBG Series - Non Thrust Bevel GOST

The NTBG series gearboxes have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of valves complying with GOST standard ST CKBA 062-2009 "Valve Rotation & Actuator Mounting Dimensions". The NTBG gearboxes are intended for the operation of multi-turn gate, globe, sluice and penstock valves without a thrust capacity requirement. These gearboxes are suitable for manual and motorised operation.

  • Totally enclosed gearing
  • Grease filled for life & fully sealed
  • Comprehensive gear ratios
  • Spur and bevel combinations available
  • Low temperature operation (-60°C)
  • Radial lug drive input option

See NTBG Literature Page for further details.

NTBG Series – Non Thrust Bevel GOST