Operator's Device

The OD is a mobile field operational panel for the RI Wireless Valve Monitoring System used by field operators. The OD enables operators to effectively perform a variety of operational, setup, maintenance and monitoring tasks related to all RI Wireless System components (VMD, VDR and TVDR).

The most basic functions of the OD are turning the devices ON/OFF, supporting installation and commissioning, and receiving real- time feedback in regard to the status of a particular Valve Monitoring Device (VMD).


The operator uses the OD to as a portable control panel to conduct one-on-one communications with various RI Wireless devices. Login ensures that each operator is associated with all conducted operations, thus providing comprehensive support for full traceability when an operation is executed.

In addition, the OD is used to configure new RI Wireless devices prior of joining the network, report performance, and assist in installation and maintenance tasks.

The OD communicates with VDs and VDRs/TVDRs using a low frequency (LF) channel (to communicate with the device) and a ZigBee channel to receive a response (from the device or from the Gateway).

As part of the system commissioning procedure, the OD transfers – over the LF channel – the required AES key so that VDs can join the secure ZigBee network. The OD manages a log-in mechanism in which each user has a unique username and password.

Operator's Device


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