RHQ actuators are designed for some of the most challenging valve actuation applications on earth. They are an excellent choice for the demanding requirements and adverse conditions found in applications for mining and offshore. The balanced design has a very compact footprint for a given output. Integral lifting lugs are designed to support the weight of both the actuator and the valve.

Standard models feature output torque Up to 700,000 Nm (6,200,000lbf-in) and higher output up to 5,650,000 Nm (50,000,000 lbf-in) is available upon request.

  • Ductile cast-iron or carbon-steel weatherproof housings (IP68)
  • Lower swept volume than vane type actuators
  • Electroless nickel-plated cylinders with redundant piston seals
  • Standard rotation 90° (+/- 5°)

See RHQ literature page for further details.

RHQ Extreme-duty Rack & Pinion Hydraulic Actuators