Rotary Actuators

Among our offerings is a wide range of scotch-yoke, quarter-turn actuators in both double- and single-acting configurations specifically designed for harsh plant environmental conditions. They feature a rugged, compact and efficient high-torque design that benefits the user with reduced size, weight, cost and a simple mounting interface that easily integrates with any application using butterfly, ball or plug valves. They are also suitable for other quarter-turn movements such as lifting, lowering, opening, closing, indexing and transferring. Control packages are tailored to meet application specific requirements. 

Hiller has completed an extensive environmental qualification programme on our scotch-yoke actuators that encompasses the most stringent requirements of new plant designs, including the Westinghouse AP1000.

  • Torque output up to 203,400 Nm / 1,800,000 lbf-in
  • Operating pressures up to 17 barg / 250 psig
  • Pneumatic scotch-yoke design with single- and double-acting configurations for active or passive duty
  • Dual-piston design available to reduce cylinder bore diameter for installation where space is limited
  • Fail safe available via spring or accumulator
  • Supplied commercial grade or nuclear safety related
Hiller Rotory




  • Qualified in accordance with IEEE-382/344/323 and Westinghouse AP1000 requirements
  • CE marking and compliance to European directives available
  • Custom control solutions tailored to suit the application-specific requirements
  • Isolating or modulating duty (on-off or positioning)

Hiller rotary actuator brochure