Systems Introduction

Systems Information

RI Wireless monitoring system is an end-to-end solution of a sensors network used to monitor various types of valves operating in a process plant. It provides both field and control room operators a comprehensive picture of valve performance status in real time. RI Wireless enables wireless valve monitoring without using cables or any other infrastructure.

The system comprises a small battery-powered Valve Monitoring Device. It installs on any type of existing or new valve and/or actuator. Mounting options include NAMUR interface for valve actuators or ISO 5211 interface for manual valves. The Valve Monitoring Device collects dynamics-of-state change of an actuated valve, then transmits it as a 64-point packet. This provides preventive data on the actuated valve set.

The systems also comprises a network of Valve Monitoring Device Routers that transfer monitoring data from
the Valve Devices on a wireless MESH network to the Tunnelling VDR. The latter is a last hop VDR that transfers collected data from the VDRs network to RI Wireless Gateway. Several TVDRs can be connected via TCP/IP to RI Wireless Gateway, an industrial computer that manages the RI Wireless system.

RI Wireless Management System is a software management tool. It monitors and reports valve position and health status. WMS provides data in common industrial standard connections to HMI, DCS and PLCs on-site. The system's Operator Device is a handheld instrument used by the process line operator for setup and
local data retrieval.