Rotork provide training officers to instruct users on the full range of Rotork products.

If we thought our customers were standard, we'd offer standard training. You're not and we don't. Rotork Training is designed to meet the specific needs of your staff and their Rotork Actuators. Rotork Training for Rotork Actuators

Before any course kicks off, we work with you to create a training programme that makes the most of your people and our products. We assemble a team of training professionals with relevant field experience and then match your hardware from the 50 years of Rotork technology we have available.

Most courses start with an overview of actuator types and designs and then go on to deal with your specific needs. However, the best way to learn about Rotork Actuators is to take them apart and that's just what we provide.

This hands-on approach is adopted wherever possible and is used during discussions on subjects as diverse as the commissioning of torque limit switches and electrical fault finding.

For more information view examples of course content or send us an email:

Chris Wareing or Graeme Oliver (Worldwide)

Training (US)

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In-house training

For many customers, Rotork Training Centres have proven to be a highly effective way of gaining specialist product knowledge, combining the benefits of excellent training facilities, with teaching groups of no more than five people.

On-site training

If you prefer on-site training, that's just as simple. Up to ten people can be trained at one time, at any location, worldwide, although for sites outside Europe, you may be asked to provide some hardware.