Valve Device Router

The VDR (Valve Device Router) collects reported data from up to 32 associated VDs and wirelessly transfers the information to the next VDR. The TVDR (Tunneling VDR) is the last-hop VDR that passes on all the collected data from the string of VDRs to the site network for processing and analysis.


The VDR network acts as a relay that transmits messages, received from remote VDRs, through a ZigBee wireless network, until they reach a TVDR. One or more TVDR(s) are connected to the RI Wireless Gateway using TCP/IP communication, thus facilitating bi-directional, redundant communication between all VDRs and the site network.

ZigBee mesh technology is implemented ensuring the required routing redundancy for very high communication reliability. The TVDR generates a wireless heartbeat message, over fixed periods, and broadcasts it between the VDRs for mapping routes and diagnosing communications performance.

In the event of a unit failure, the mesh technology automatically reroutes communication with the relevant VDs (or VDRs) thus ensuring continuing network communications. An operator can use an OD to communicate with VDs, VDRs and TVDRs for installation, configuration and maintenance purposes.


The VDR has one connector for an external power supply while the TVDR has two additional connectors: a USB port for testing and maintenance and a TCP/IP port for network connection.


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