Valve Monitoring Device

The RI Wireless Valve Monitoring Device (VMD) is the basic component of the RI Wireless Monitoring System. It is installed on top of the monitored valve or actuator and consists of a stem attached mechanically to the valve or actuator axle.

The VMD incorporates the means and sensors to measure the angle which corresponds to the opening status of the valve (in degrees or opening percentage). The valve status is transmitted by an internal bi-directional transceiver that is based on the standard ZigBee protocol. A dedicated Low Frequency (LF) receiver, in the VMD, supports unique maintenance and provisioning procedures.

VMD Operation

The VMD is a smart device with three integrated processors that continuously maintain the highest quality of performance for fast response times, high communications reliability, and optimal battery consumption (5 years with one set of replaceable batteries). The VMD is packaged in a compact plastic enclosure that complies with the environmental requirements typical of the process industry.

The RI Wireless Valve Monitoring Device can be installed on valves using ISO/DIS 5211.2 F03 to F12 flanges and on actuators using the NAMUR interface. On other valves a mechanical bracket is used.

Valve Monitoring Device
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