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  • PUB000-002  Group Portfolio
  • PUB000-010  The Power Industry Portfolio
  • COMING SOON  PUB000-104  Nuclear Power Products

Rotork Controls

  • PUB002-006  IQ Mk3 (IQTF Full Output Turn) Flyer
  • PUB002-038  IQ Mk3 Multi-turn (IQ) / Part-turn (IQT) Sales Brochure
  • PUB002-069  IQ Mk3 Multi-turn Size 19 Actuator Sales Flyer
  • PUB002-104  IQ Mk3 Multi-turn Size 19 Actuator Sales Flyer
  • PUB008-001  ROM/ROMpak Range Sales Brochure
  • PUB059-047  Pakscan P4 Sales Flyer
  • PUB059-048  Pakscan P4 Sales Brochure
  • PUB113-003  ExMax Range Valve Actuator brochure

Rotork Fluid Systems

Rotork Gears

  • PUB032-005  HOB3 Datasheet
  • PUB123-004  ABM Series Quarter-Turn Gearbox Datasheet
  • PUB128-001  BR Series Bronze Worm Gears for Steam Distribution Applications in Manholes and Vaults
  • PUB130-001  MPR Datasheet
  • PUB131-001  QTW150 Datasheet
  • PUB132-001  Smart Position Indicator SPI Datasheet
  • COMING SOON  PUB129-001  FEDG Datasheet

Rotork Instruments

Rotork Site Services

  • PUB056-013  RSS Worldwide Projects and Services