Sales Convention Publications

All of these publications can be found in the Documents section of the Rotork website.

Printed versions of the publications listed here can be ordered through the Publications Ordering System.


  • PUB000-002  Group Portfolio
  • PUB000-010  The Power Industry Portfolio
  • COMING SOON  PUB000-104  Nuclear Power Products

Rotork Controls

  • PUB002-006  IQ Mk3 (IQTF Full Output Turn) Flyer
  • PUB002-038  IQ Mk3 Multi-turn (IQ) / Part-turn (IQT) Sales Brochure
  • PUB002-069  IQ Mk3 Multi-turn Size 19 Actuator Sales Flyer
  • PUB002-104  IQ Mk3 Multi-turn Size 19 Actuator Sales Flyer
  • PUB008-001  ROM/ROMpak Range Sales Brochure
  • PUB059-047  Pakscan P4 Sales Flyer
  • PUB059-048  Pakscan P4 Sales Brochure
  • PUB113-003  ExMax Range Valve Actuator brochure

Rotork Fluid Systems

Rotork Gears

  • PUB032-005  HOB3 Datasheet
  • PUB123-004  ABM Series Quarter-Turn Gearbox Datasheet
  • PUB128-001  BR Series Bronze Worm Gears for Steam Distribution Applications in Manholes and Vaults
  • PUB130-001  MPR Datasheet
  • PUB131-001  QTW150 Datasheet
  • PUB132-001  Smart Position Indicator SPI Datasheet
  • COMING SOON  PUB129-001  FEDG Datasheet

Rotork Instruments

Rotork Site Services

  • PUB056-013  RSS Worldwide Projects and Services