Code Compliance

UK Corporate Governance Code Compliance Statement

UK Corporate Governance Code compliance statement The UK Corporate Governance Code 2016 (the Code) is the standard against which we measured ourselves in 2018. The Code is available to download at

In 2018 an updated version of the Code was published and applied to Rotork plc from 1 January 2019. We will report on our compliance with the updated 2018 version of the Code in our 2019 Annual Report.

Throughout the year ended 31 December 2018, Rotork plc fully complied with the Code, save that up to 12 March 2018 it was not in compliance with Code Provision A.2.1, which provides that the roles of the Chairman and Chief Executive should not be performed by the same person. Martin Lamb assumed the full time role of Executive Chairman on an interim basis following the announcement of the resignation of Peter France on 28 July 2017. On 12 March 2018 Kevin Hostetler took up the post of Chief Executive and Martin Lamb reverted to his previous role as Non-Executive Chairman.

Pages 56 to 59 of the Annual Report 2018 contains a summary of the system of corporate governance adopted by Rotork. Download the Annual Report here.