Mining Industry



Rotork specialises in actuators and flow control products for the mining industry including: 

  • Underground applications including: Pumping Stations, Ventilation/Cooling, Dust Suppression and Dewatering
  • Surface Processing including: Slurry/Tailings Pipelines, Refining/Smelting, Tailings and Dewatering
  • Other Surface Operations include: Coal Seam Gas Production, Transportation and Storage, Electricity Generation and Process Water Treatment

Products for the Mining Industry

Rotork actuators are widely recognised as being the most technically advanced, reliable, long life, and user friendly actuators in the business. They also provide a number of unique cost saving benefits that particularly help mining customers. If you work in minerals, precious metals or fossil fuels Rotork can help you meet your objectives.

We have a full range of products, all designed to meet the stringent requirements of many areas in the mining industry, and to provide exacting levels of durability and reliability:

  • Electric actuators
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators
  • Gearboxes for valves and dampers
  • Actuator control and communication systems
  • Special applications and other products

 8 Core Requirements

As a specialist in the mining industry, Rotork is dedicated to meeting these 8 core needs with the actuators that we design and manufacture, and the services we provide.

1. Efficiency & Profitability

  • Our actuators are designed with the durability and reliability to operate in harsh environments
  • Our self contained actuators require a low level of maintenance
  • Integral diagnostics enable planned maintenance and avoid unplanned emergencies
  • Digital controls mean lower cabling costs
  • Costs reduced through reliable and accurate operation

2. Safety

  • Flameproof products
  • Information on status of valves, dampers and actuators
    is available centrally and locally
  • Full data capture of history of valve and actuator, for diagnosis and management
  • Valve torque profiles and events log to help diagnose valve and control problems
  • Valve and actuator information to guide maintenance plans

3. Control & Flexibility

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable changes to control your operations, so as to quickly achieve the desired result with minimal delay
  • Integral controls for remote operation
  • Quick and reliable responses

4. Durability & Reliability

  • All our actuators are designed to withstand the harsh environments and operating regimes of the mining industry (with the exception of Zone 0 - explosive)
  • Designed to survive hostile environments and extreme conditions of grit, dust, pollutants and corrosive materials
  • Long operating life with very low maintenance requirements. Depending on their usage, many of our actuators are still operational after 30 years or more, even in the most demanding environments and with minimal or no maintenance
  • IP68 environmentally sealed from the factory
  • Non-intrusive settings mean the covers do not ever need to be removed, even for commissioning

5. Protecting the Environment

  • Actuators are a key part of automatic control systems that provide quick, accurate and reliable control of your processes
  • Accurate control of valves to manage effluent and prevent harmful emissions

6. Information & Management

  • Information and feedback from actuators and dampers provides remote indication of valve/damper status
  • Historical data stored for planning of maintenance requirements, including valve torque profiles and events log
  • Diagnostics are easily accessible, with full information on settings, operational accuracy, feedback and history
  • New actuators can easily be incorporated into existing systems
  • Password protection of all information

7. Continuous Expansion

  • A full range of actuators, with a wide choice of different types and sizes for different duties and applications
  • Provision of long term support, with a full understanding of your requirements, backed by Rotork's 50 years in the mining industry
  • Highly robust and reliable products
  • Working with you and your contractors to define the specifications of your actuators and control systems
  • Technical support at every stage, from design to commissioning

8. Maintenance & Support

  • We can install and commission, and provide complete integration into your systems
  • We can provide local service, wherever you are in the world
  • We can provide a full service during your maintenance programmes, including inspection of all actuators, removal, overhaul and replacement
  • We can support all of your legacy actuators
  • We provide tailor-made full asset management programmes, including health checks and preventative maintenance

For further information please see PUB000-052 'Helping the mining industry'