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Generating Power

Wherever there’s coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar, biomass or geothermal power being generated worldwide, you’ll find Rotork’s specialist power team at work, helping plant designers and operators to optimise performance, reliability and above all, safety.

As a specialist in the power generation industry, Rotork is dedicated to meeting these seven core needs with the products that we design and manufacture, and the services we provide.

Durability and Reliability

  • All our products are designed to withstand the harsh environments and operating regimes of the power industry
  • Designed to survive extreme conditions of temperature, vibration and dust
  • Long operating life with very low maintenance requirements – Depending on their usage, many of our products are still operational after 30 years or more, even in the most demanding environments and with minimal or no maintenance

Providing you with…
robust, long lasting equipment with minimal maintenance even in extreme environments

Flexibility and Efficiency

  • Fast, fine and accurate changes to the air feedwater and steam circuits, to quickly achieve the desired output with minimal wastage
  • Fine control of fuel and air flows enhances the combustion efficiency and reduces power losses
  • Very fine controls result in less thermal shocks and a reduction in downtime

Providing you with…
efficient operation, fast changes and perfect control

Protecting the Environment

  • Precise control of dampers reduces gas emissions
  • Accurate control of valves to reduce process waste

Providing you with…
reduced emissions and waste


  • Information on status of valves and actuators is usually available centrally and locally
  • Full data capture of history of valve and actuator, for diagnosis and management
  • Valve torque profiles and events log to help diagnose valve and control problems
  • Valve and actuator information to guide maintenance

Providing you with…
safe operation of every part of your plant

Operational Costs

  • Full diagnostics enable planned maintenance and avoid unplanned emergencies
  • Costs reduced through reliable and accurate operation, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime

Providing you with…
strict control of costs, and reduced expenditure on maintenance

Information and Management

  • Our actuators and instruments interface with any plant control system
  • Accurate data is readily available from all our products
  • Our easily accessible diagnostics provide full management information
  • Full information on settings, operational accuracy, feedback and history
  • Password protection of all information

Providing you with…
complete information, secure yet easy to access

Maintenance and Support

  • We can install and commission, and provide complete integration into your plant
  • We can provide a full service during your plant outage, including inspection of all actuators, removal, overhaul and replacement
  • We can support all of your legacy actuators
  • We have a full asset management programme, including health checks and preventative maintenance

Providing you with…
complete technical support, backed by expert staff

For further information, please see PUB000-010 'Power Industry Solutions'