Sales Manager, India

I completed my Degree in Bachelor of Science from Bombay University in 1985. For the next 22 years I worked in Sales and Marketing Departments of various instrument manufacturing companies, before joining Fairchild* India in 2007.

My position in Fairchild India is Sales Manager - West India. My responsibility is to increase the sale of Fairchild products in Western India and provide marketing information to other team members in India.

Success has come, but not easily. It required gathering extensive market information and preparing appropriate strategies. It also required frequent travelling to remotely located process industries. I attribute this success to Fairchild's product quality and responsiveness.

I got an opportunity to visit the USA Factory in Winston Salem in 2010 which was my first ever overseas visit. It was a great learning experience for me. I was impressed with the factory set up, especially the cell structure of assembly which helps us to be responsive and achieve quick deliveries.

Recently I have been given the additional responsibility of handling Middle East countries and I am looking forward to contributing and increasing sales in this geographical area. It will provide good international experience for me.

I feel proud to work for Rotork Fairchild. High goals have been set and achieved. The job is challenging but it is made easy by the strong product line, extremely responsive factory and great teamwork.

*Rotork acquired Fairchild in December 2011