Graduate Mechatronics Engineer, UK

"I enjoy working at Rotork because of the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and be part of an interesting and diverse team who are all experts in their fields."

I work for Rotork as an engineer, based at their headquarters in Bath, UK. I began working for Rotork part-time while studying for my A-levels. I then studied Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bath. Rotork sponsored my degree, and I was able to work at Rotork during my holidays and industrial placements. I have now graduated and joined the Research and Innovation team.

I have had a wide range of roles while working at Rotork. I started off working in the Quality Assurance department, doing fault-finding and repair of circuit boards and also building and maintaining test equipment and demonstrators. I have spent time working on the production line building a range of our products. I have also worked in the Rotork Site Services team, where I documented the data logged by our products and wrote code to help people view, understand, and analyse our data.

My current role in the Research and Innovation team has involved designing and building test equipment and prototypes of novel devices, writing software, producing system models of our products, and much more!