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Description Document Number Old Number
RC200 Sales Brochure Metric PUB014-001 F211m
RC200 Sales Brochure Imperial PUB014-002 F211i
RC200 Options flyer PUB014-003 N/A
LP/LH Brochure PUB020-001 F501
SI Installation Manual PUB021-003 E770
Twin Power Brochure (Legacy) PUB025-002 F904
Rotork Gears Capabilities and Facilities PUB027-001 RG001
Nuclear Gearboxes Brochure (Legacy) PUB027-003 RG010
IW Datasheet Metric PUB028-001 RGm110
IW Datasheet Imperial PUB028-002 RGi110
IW AWWA Datasheet Imperial PUB028-003 RGi112
IW 14-17 datasheet metric PUB029-001 RGm111
IW 14-17 Datasheet Imperial PUB029-002 RGi111
IB Datasheet Metric PUB030-001 RGm210
IB Datasheet Imperial PUB030-002 RGi210
IS Datasheet Metric PUB031-001 RGm211
IS Datasheet Imperial PUB031-002 RGi211
232 Datasheet Metric PUB034-001 RGm410
232 Datasheet Imperial PUB034-002 RGi410
WGS Datasheet Metric PUB036-001 RGm510
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