Webinar: How to address and solve challenges in modern desalination plants

Rotork Webinar: How to address and solve challenges in modern desalination plants

Corrosion, high vibration, maintenance-free operation and low operating costs are top challenges for water desalination plants. Additionally, with a wide variety of actuation needs ranging from 2 mm butterfly valves to 25 mm ball valves, customers want single stop solution for actuation needs.


The increasing global population and expansion of both industrial and agricultural activities have stressed the availability of fresh water in both quantity and quality. Research indicates that circa. 97% of Earth's water is held in the oceans as seawater, another 2.5% is fresh water trapped within polar glaciers and the rest, approximately 0.5%, is the only available freshwater for humans. 

Desalination, the technology that includes several processes that remove salt and other minerals from seawater to produce fresh water, has emerged as a potential solution. Many desalination technologies are available today; however, critical factors like cost of production and facility footprint have resulted in reverse osmosis being the most preferred desalination technology used globally. 

In reverse osmosis, the seawater is forced through membrane filters at high pressure, which separates water molecules from salts and minerals. These plants also include macro and micro-filtration processes upstream before the seawater enters reverse osmosis membranes and remineralization post-filtration, in which minerals are re-introduced to produce water for drinking.

An intelligent and reliable actuation solution mounted on valves is integral to managing such complicated processes within reverse osmosis desalination plants. However, the equipment is exposed to various technical and environmental challenges. In this webinar, we will look into how the Rotork actuation portfolio for this segment solves these challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the different processes involved in seawater desalination plants
  • Examine key challenges with seawater desalination applications relevant to reverse osmosis
  • Discover solutions to corrosion risks due to high concentration of salt in the surrounding environment
  • Explore the importance of remote mounting for better accessibility and for safe operation in high vibration areas
  • Understand the criticality of good intelligent asset management which can help prevent unplanned outages


  • Hari Babu, Head of Strategy - Water & Power, Rotork
  • Syed Shoaib, Product Manager - Electric Actuators, Rotork

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