Webinar: Industrial Combustion Control with Electric Actuation

Combustion Control Webinar

Webinar: Industrial Combustion Control with Electric Actuation: Can You Reduce Emissions and be Efficient?


This webinar focuses on the furnace and forehearth combustion control for glass manufacturing industry and how we can lower pollutant emission while raising efficiency by using the right electric actuation controls.

There is an industry wide focus on systems and sensors to improve closed loop control performance for industrial combustion control systems. By too often placing importance on the control loop, the final control element, the actuator, becomes a weak link. For overall better control performance, the actuator has to perform accurately, precise and reliably under any conditions.

As a final control element - actuator plays a major role in manipulating the process in order to achieve the desired output as efficiently and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Good actuator controls directly impact efficiency in furnace combustion system with accurate and precise control of air/fuel ratio
  • Efficient control systems lead to wastage reduction and increase yield output that ultimately leads to cost saving in operation
  • Environment friendly practice need not to be at the cost of efficiency. Why not have both?

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