Webinar: Lower Maintenance Costs With Proactive Analytical Insights

Rotork Webinar: Lower Maintenance Costs With Proactive Analytical Insights

Webinar: Lower Maintenance Costs With Proactive Analytical Insights.


Intelligent Asset Management is a cloud-based asset management system for intelligent actuators and the flow control equipment they operate. Failure of key equipment can result in poor performance, poor quality and reduced output yields and reputational damage. The solution is a risk-based maintenance strategy which incorporates advanced analytics, condition monitoring and anomaly detection.

Downtime is costly. Supporting the continuous and reliable operation of a plant, by proactively managing and fixing key assets before they become problematic, allows for improved performance and increases in valuable uptime, while reducing risk and costs.

Through the collection of data and Rotork analytics, our innovative maintenance system improves long-term operational stability of all assets. Available both as a standalone offering and as part of a combined solution to meet individual needs, it is part of Rotork's Lifetime Management suite of services. Performance, process criticality, product and operational data are combined to assess asset condition and determine if intervention is required to prevent performance degradation or failure.

Smart maintenance powered by Intelligent Asset Management is based on data from the field, rather than periodic or limited maintenance based on guesswork - or no maintenance at all. Early detection of anomalies can save costly repairs and gain a holistic understanding of an entire site. Intelligent Asset Management removes the need to manually review data, saving time and reducing the likelihood of missing minor issues that if left unchecked, may develop into more serious and costly problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding why data alone is not the answer
  • Reduce risks and costs through analytical insights
  • Discover the importance of predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Gain a better understanding of asset condition and status (obsolescence planning)

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