Webinar: Modern Battery Technologies

Modern Battery Technology Webinar

Webinar: Modern Battery Technologies for Increased Critical Process Uptime and Production Availability.
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Actuation can sometimes be defined as the action on loss of power, as described by the phrases "stay put" or "close." This can also force users to use a specific type of actuator such as a pneumatic spring return.

This webinar presentation is designed to demonstrate how new technology can be implemented into actuators to allow for increased flexibly by using different types of stored energy, with the main focus being self-contained batteries. Attendees will learn how internal battery actuation can increase flexibility, reduce equipment size and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about increased flexibility to enhance critical process uptime via internal battery actuation
  • Discover how battery technology can offer advantages by reducing size and weight and increasing functionality
  • Learn the ability to reduce emissions by the means of electrification

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