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Secteur: Oil & Gas - Downstream

Rotork, "guichet unique" dans un projet d´extension de réservoirs de stockage

Rotork and Royal Vopak have a strong, well established relationship. A valve actuation framework agreement ensures that Rotork provides all...

General view of the Vopak Phase 8 plant.

Secteur: Renewable Power

Les motorisations Rotork dans les centrales solaires

Spain is now the world's largest generator of electricity from solar power plants and Rotork plays a key role in...

A section of the parabolic troughs in a solar power plant.

Secteur: Oil & Gas - Downstream

Automatisation des vannes dans le plus grand site de calibrage du monde

Rotork actuators and control systems are essential to the running of Euroloop’s automated research and testing facilities. Divided into two...

Secteur: Water

Les motorisations Rotork et Profibus

Wessex Water had decided to invest in redeveloping their Maundown water treatment plant. Rotork provided over 200 Profibus-enabled intelligent electric...

IQ actuators on the dissolved air flotation inlet penstocks at Maundown.

Secteur: Oil & Gas - Midstream Transportation

Les motorisations de Rotork Fluid Systems dans l´industrie chilienne des pipelines

Rotork fluid power actuators are used for many vital functions by Quintero LNG, which provides power to GNL Quintero, one...

Rotork GP range, spring-return, scotch yoke pneumatic actuator installations on the sea terminal at Quintero Bay.

Secteur: Oil & Gas - Downstream

Le contrôle et l´automatisation des vannes dans la raffinerie moderne

The Jamnagar Refinery is the largest in the world. Rotork installed thousands of actuators during the original construction of the...

One of the many IQ actuator installations at the Reliance Jamnagar refinery.
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