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UK - Bath - Rotork Controls Limited


Fabryka firmy Rotork w Bath produkuje napędy elektryczne włączając całą serię napędów IQ3 wieloobrotowych i niepełnoobrotowych oraz serię napędów regulacyjnych CVA w wersjach liniowej i ćwierćobrotowej.


Rotork moved to Brassmill Lane in April 1962 and at the time the building was quite modest. Today some of it can still be found housing part of the current factory production area. By January 1963 a single storey office area was added which has since grown to six times the original size.

At the end of 1964 a factory extension was built using a Canadian triodetic construction principle, giving a large floor area free from support pillars. This was only the second time that the system had been used in the northern hemisphere, resulting in wide architectural acclaim.

Further extensions took place between 1966 and 1990 and have resulted in a total factory area of 4,837 square metres with 2,452 square metres of office space.

Bath is home to development of the modern electric valve actuator, the dates below show when they were launched:

1963  Introduced the ‘A’ range actuator with 'O' ring sealing
1965  ‘B’ type quarter-turn actuator
1970 ‘A’ Range actuator with 'double sealing'
1980  Quadrak quarter-turn actuator
1983 ‘A’ Range 1600 and Series Mk2 actuator with electronic controls
1985  ‘AQ’ Range quarter-turn actuator 
1986  Pakscan two-wire control
1990 Pakscan II two-wire control
1990 ‘Q’ Range actuator & Pakscan II two-wire control
1993  IQ non-intrusive intelligent actuator
1995 Introduction of Profibus™ & Fieldbus™ connectivity
2000 IQ Mk2 intelligent actuator
2004 IQT intelligent actuator
2006 IQ Pro intelligent actuator
2008 CVA Range
2012 IQ3 intelligent actuator

Key People

Grant Wood
Managing Director, Rotork Controls

Brian Heathcote
Operations Director - Controls Division

Tim Bessex
Sales Director, Rotork Controls

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