Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement with and feedback from our employees across the Group is important to us, particularly at this time of transformation across our business as we focus on the Growth Acceleration Programme and the refocusing of the business to support our end markets. We engage with our employees through a wide array of strategic communication channels, including pulse surveys and employee forums, to ensure open and honest dialogue between employees and senior management.

Following the appointment of Tim Cobbold, as the designated Non-Executive Director to support increased engagement with employees, Tim attended a variety of meetings during 2019 including our Bath employee forum and the launch of our new Values: Stronger Together; Always Innovating and Trusted Partner. Other Board colleagues have spent time meeting our employees throughout the business including Ann Christin Andersen, who visited our business in both India and China.

Diversity remains a particular area of focus for the Board, who review the actions at each Board meeting, as part of a People Update. Further details of actions arising from this review and how we have considered the interests of our employees during the year are set out on page 81 of our Annual Report 2019. Our Key Remuneration Principles set the tone and culture for pay within the Group.

In 2019 we held our inaugural Global Suppliers Conference, which was attended by suppliers from around the world. This enabled us to demonstrate our passion for driving improvement around commercial and operational excellence underpinned by enhanced IT systems, improved core business processes and increased focus on talent and culture. The feedback received was positive, with suppliers appreciating the open and collaborative approach and our process of engaging throughout the sourcing and procurement process, noting that together we can leverage each other’s knowledge and experience for a better all-round customer experience. Principal suppliers are subject to regular engagement.

Tim Cobbold, as the new Chair of the Remuneration Committee, engaged with our shareholders on executive directors’ remuneration. As well as taking the opportunity to understand their views on this important topic, shareholders have been able to share views on wider governance issues and on the corporate strategic initiatives. These views have been shared with the Board.

Details of ways in which we engage with, and have considered our stakeholders are available on pages 72-74 of the Annual Report 2019. Download the Annual Report here.