Fail to Position

CVA Fail to Position

Fail to Position

By using an optional reserve power pack, the CVA can be configured to perform 4 functions upon the loss of mains supply.

These are: -

Stay Put – Actuator remains in its current position

Open Limit – Actuator moves to the position set as the open limit

Close Limit – Actuator moves to the position set as the closed limit

Intermediate Position – Actuator moves to a pre-programmed position.

The reserve power pack consists of a number of “Super Capacitors” which can store enough energy to perform the functions listed above. The capacitors are re-charged every time the mains power is reinstated and this process takes less than 1 minute to complete.

Click here to view CVA Fail to Position video

Unlike rechargeable battery technology, Super Capacitors do not suffer from the ‘memory’ effect of being charged / discharged many times.