Our social contribution

Our Social Contribution

Rotork considers it important to contribute to and engage with the communities in which we operate around the world. We regard this as part of our ongoing responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. This directly links to our Values and underlying behaviours and enables us to make a beneficial impact on our communities.

Our target is to contribute 0.1% of profits to nominated international charities, and a similar percentage to local charitable causes around the world. Local charity committees support charitable causes that are important to their local communities, including through donations, fundraising and volunteering. In keeping with our Values, local teams are empowered and encouraged to decide how to distribute funds and support their local communities.

We donated £126,000 in total to our international charity partners in 2020: Pump Aid, Renewable World and WeForest. We align our partnerships to our Purpose and chosen Sustainable Development Goals. We also set up a charitable fund in 2020, Rotork Benevolent Support, to help colleagues, and former colleagues, and their families facing financial hardship including as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making a difference through our products

In April 2020, we delivered our Schischek ExReg controller together with ExMax.CY actuator to be used in an explosion proof environment in the new facility of BioNTech.

The installation of our actuators in the new BioNTech facility has been part of a project enabling BioNTech to receive approval for the commercial production of COVID-19 vaccine from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This happened just five months after the construction of new facilities. Following approval by the EMA, vaccine batches are now being delivered for distribution to the European Union and worldwide. Rotork supported the planning, installation and completion of the project and will provide ongoing site service.