Germany - Langenzenn - Rotork GmbH (Rotork Germany Headquarters)

Germany - Langenzenn - Rotork GmbH (Rotork Germany Headquarters)


The head office is in Langenzenn, Germany and manufactures electric actuators and instrumentation equipment for the HVAC market.


Since 1975 Schischek has supplied electric explosionproof products worldwide for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning markets including offshore applications.
In 1995 Schischek moved from Fuerth, Germany to a new modern building in Langenzenn. It is shaped like the EX-Sign of Schischek when you look at the site from above.
During 2010 the area located nearby was bought for future expansions (approximately 5,000 square metres).
In 2012/2013 the extension of the production and administration area was finished, as well as the renovation of the core building. Now Schischek has a factory area of 1,720 square metres and 1,390 square metres office space.


Introduction of the first 1 second spring return electrical explosionsproof actuator in the market

2006   Introduction of the ExMax series
2008  Introduction of the ExCos and ExBin modulating sensors and switches range
2009  Introduction of the ExRun linear valve actuator
2011   Introduction of the LIN – SIL 2 linear gearbox for quarter-turn actuators
2012  Hazard-Ex award for explosionproof equipment for safety (ExMax)
2013  Acquired by Rotork and introduced the ExReg controller systems

Key People

Roland Graf
General Manager

Armin Nagel
Sales Director

Contact Details

Postal Address

  • Schischek GmbH
  • Mühlsteig 45
  • Gewerbegbiet Sud 5
  • D-90789
  • Germany

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