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Rotork specialise in producing actuators and related equipment for every part of the petro-chemical industry, including production, processing, distribution and storage. With over 50 years' experience in serving the industry, we are the world's largest independent manufacturer of heavy duty valve actuators and our products control thousands of valves in petro-chemical plants across the world.

Actuators are Vital

Actuators help control almost everything that happens in a petro-chemical plant, so they're vital to the operation and safety of every plant. Rotork actuators are accurate, robust and efficient and are backed by full service support resulting in precise control, lower costs, lower emissions and a safe environment.
We have a full range of actuators, all designed to meet the stringent requirements of the petro-chemical industry and to provide exacting levels of durability and reliability.

Production - Offshore

Actuators are a vital part of all offshore operations, controlling valves in every area and managing the flows of crude, oil, gas, condensate, and water, sometimes at high pressures, and always in difficult environments where safety is paramount. This includes the operation of subsea valves, as well as platforms and FPSO's.
Rotork's range of actuators enables safe, accurate and reliable control of many different operations. We supply actuators and service to offshore operations around the world.


Future offshore developments are dominated by subsea solutions in deepwater and Rotork products are designed to meet the harsh conditions and stringent demands of this type of application. Rotork's subsea product range encompasses actuator and gearbox designs for retrievable and non-retrievable applications and our engineering group works closely with contractor and end-user engineers to meet specific project requirements.

Processing - Oil Refinery

Actuators are a vital part of the operation of every refinery. There are about 1,000 actuators in a typical refinery, depending on the size of the operation and the level of automation. Rotork's range of actuators enables accurate and reliable control of many different operations. We provide actuators and service support to refineries around the world.

Pipelines & Storage

Rotork has installed large numbers of actuators in pipelines and actuators with Pakscan systems, in many storage and export facilities around the world that are moving, storing and loading oil and liquid gases. Storage and export operations have a high requirement for actuators, as complex flows of multiple products need to be managed between tanks and loading facilities. In these areas, actuators are needed to provide:

  • accurate control and monitoring
  • control of multiple products
  • continuous visibility of all operations
  • maintain high levels of safety
  • immediate emergency shutdown capability

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

In many countries natural gas has become a preferred fuel for power generation and growing demand cannot be satisfied by existing, local sourced production. LNG is increasing in importance as the demand for gas grows around the world and large quantities of gas have to be transported. When it is impractical or uneconomic to use pipelines, large volumes of natural gas can be moved from source to market in liquid form.
When cooled to -165˚C, natural gas becomes a clear, colourless liquid and is commonly referred to as LNG. Storage and transportation of LNG is extremely hazardous, so safety and reliability of plant and equipment are of paramount importance.
Global production capacity is rapidly expanding, and will continue to do so, and LNG has the fastest growth projection of any energy source.
Rotork understand and meet the challenges that are faced by the LNG industry.

SIL - Safety

SIL (Safety integrity Level) is an established system of measurement standards to indicate the performance required of a safety system. It is part of a functional safety plan that includes techniques, technologies, standards and procedures that help operators protect against hazards. With an increased focus on safety, SIL is becoming more recognised worldwide.
Within the actuation industry, Rotork is at the front of this technology. Actuation is a critical part of safety systems in the petrochemical industry.

7 Core Requirements

As a specialist in the petro-chemical industry, Rotork is dedicated to meeting these 7 core needs with the actuators that we design and manufacture and the services we provide.

1. Durability & Reliability

  • All our actuators are designed to withstand the harsh environments and operating regimes of the oil and gas industry.
  • Designed to survive hostile environments and extreme conditions of temperature, vibration, salt spray and dust.
  • Long operating life with very low maintenance requirements. Depending on their usage, many of our actuators are still operational after 30 years or more, even in the most demanding environments and with minimal or no maintenance.
  • IP68 environmentally sealed from the factory.
  • Non-intrusive settings mean the covers do not ever need to be removed, even for commissioning.

2. Control

  • Fast, fine and accurate changes to control operations, so as to quickly achieve the desired result with minimal wastage.

3. Operational Costs

  • Our self-contained actuators require a low level of maintenance, and are power efficient.
  • Integral diagnostics enable planned maintenance and avoid unplanned emergencies.
  • Costs reduced through reliable and accurate operation, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

4. Safety

  • Products that meet SIL and HIPPS ratings.
  • Information on status of valves and actuators is available centrally and locally.
  • Full data capture of history of valve and actuator, for diagnosis and management.
  • Valve torque profiles and events log to help diagnose valve and control problems.
  • Valve and actuator information to guide maintenance plans.

5. Protecting the Environment

  • Very fine, very fast control of dampers reduces emissions.
  • Accurate control of valves to reduce process waste.
  • Rotork actuators provide accurate control for all environmental applications.

6. Information & Management

  • Information on operational characteristics of valves.
  • Our actuators interface with any plant control system.
  • Accurate data is readily available from our actuators.
  • Our easily accessible diagnostics provide full management information.
  • Full information on settings, operational accuracy, feedback and history.
  • New actuators can easily be incorporated into existing systems.
  • Password protection of all information.

7. Maintenance & Support

  • Install and commission, and provide complete integration into existing systems.
  • Provide a full service during plant turnaround, including inspection of all actuators, removal, overhaul and replacement.
  • Support for all legacy actuators.
  • Tailor-made full asset management programmes, including health checks and preventative maintenance.