Two sites, four million cubic metres of oil, four hundred and sixty-nine Rotork actuators


Two sites, four million cubic metres of oil, four hundred and sixty-nine Rotork actuators

These apparently random statistics are all connected with a giant oil storage project in Central China created as part of a key national energy programme to provide crude oil reserves for national and commercial consumption.

At two brand new facilities, gigantic oil tanks with a combined capacity of four million cubic metres are being constructed, together with associated plant including heat exchangers and pumping stations. The sites are operated by pipework networks incorporating four hundred and sixty-nine explosionproof Rotork valve actuators with Pakscan digital control systems.

Rotork China worked closely with several valvemakers to supply the IQ intelligent electric actuators for valve control at both sites. The majority are IQ multi-turn units, many equipped with IB series bevel gearboxes manufactured by Rotork Gears. The balance comprises IQT quarter-turn and IQML linear modulating actuators. Virtually all the actuators are controlled and monitored by six Rotork Pakscan P3 two-wire digital networks, which are specifically designed for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of valve actuators in the spacious environments associated with tank farm installations.

Engineers from Rotork and its agent have worked on the site continuously – even foregoing their holidays - to ensure that project deadlines were met. This high level of commitment to customer service and technical support is recognised as making an important contribution to Rotork’s continued enlargement of market share in China.

This project is one of many energy infrastructure programmes in China and throughout the world that specify Rotork IQ intelligent valve actuation technologies with Pakscan digital control.