CMA Range

CMA Range Actuators

Compact modulating control valve actuators

CMA range modulating actuators deliver a series of sizes suitable for linear, part-turn and multi-turn control valve and pump applications requiring precise position control and continuous modulation.

The Rotork CMA Range provides for simple, safe and easy set-up via an internal electronic 6-segment LCD display and push button configuration.

Compact modulating actuators for precise position control and modulation applications

  • Accurate and repeatable position control using 4 to 20 mA signal withup to 0.1% accuracy
  • Explosionproof to international standards
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Suitable for mounting in any orientation
  • Optimised for linear, part-turn and multi-turn control valve and pump applications
  • Permanently lubricated, maintenance-free drive train
  • Optional Reserve Power Pack (RPP) supercapacitors for fail to position functionality
  • Brushless DC motor provides reliable, accurate, continuous modulation capability
  • Encoder technology provides dependable contactless feedback
  • Less than 1 watt standby power
  • Suitable for 1-phase or DC power supplies
  • Built-in interface allows for quick and simple setup via six-segment LCD display and push buttons
  • Optional integral Local Controls and positional display
  • Compatible with a wide variety of fieldbus, hardwired and analogue site systems
  • Linear: up to 20,017 N (4,500 lbf) seating thrust
  • Part-turn: up to 124 Nm (1,100 seating torque
  • Multi-turn: up to 45 Nm (400 rated torque

Rotork is independent of valve manufacturers allowing us to work with a wide variety of valve makers and manufacturers worldwide.