Graduate Engineer - Bath, UK

What is your role here at Rotork?

I’m currently on my two-year graduate scheme with Rotork where I will be rotated around the business into different departments that are all related to engineering.

What technology do you use on a daily basis?

We were given work laptops and phones that I can take home with me, I use 3D CAD packages and project management software and proprietary software used in every aspect of the business ranging from engineering changes to purchase orders.

What does an average day look like for you?

Well, I would say an average day for me is we start at 8am and have our tasks broken down into sizeable chunks and we are given a bit of free reign with what I do.


here will be some tasks that need to be finished first with a priority list but after that I can then do the work in the order I find most suitable. However, there are times when other departments such as quality assurance will need support and then I provide them assistance.

What was the main thing about Rotork that made you want to join?

I didn’t know a lot about Rotork until I applied for the position. However after doing research on the company I learnt how strong they are and how they are looking at its part to help meet the global emissions target.

What’s the biggest positive about working at Rotork?

The support I get from my team members and team leader, I’ve also been assigned a mentor that I meet with frequently to help my professional and personal development within the company. Its brought along my soft skills and professionalism along leaps and bounds.

What makes you excited about the future with Rotork?

To be in a global leader of actuation and the opportunities to work internationally.