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The role of flow control in desalination

Desalination is a process where salts and other unwanted organic and inorganic ingredients are separated from seawater to produce fresh and drinkable water.

The importance of electric actuation in Carbon Capture and Storage

The CCS industry is at a key stage of development.

How to reduce maintenance spend and downtime

How to reduce maintenance spend and downtime using proactive insights from advanced analytics.

Modern Battery Technology

Can modern battery technology increase critical process uptime and production availability?

Life Cycle Asset Management

Life cycle asset management is the key to increased plant efficiency.

Emissions Reduction Within the Industrial Combustion Process

How efficient flow control equipment can reduce emissions within the industrial combustion process.

Valve Actuation in Extreme or Remote Areas

How technological innovation assists in the challenges facing valve actuation in extreme or remote areas.

Network Control for Valve Actuators

Reliable and comprehensive data communications are essential elements in the modern process plant.

Methane Emissions

Improved valve control can significantly reduce methane emissions.

Low Temperature Environments

Benefits of intelligent valve actuation in very low temperature environments.

Emission Control

Meeting emission control through improved actuation.

Asset Management

Asset management in the water industry - the valve actuator's perspective.

Control Valve Actuators

Control valve actuators: Their Impact on control and variability.

Flow Control Technology

Innovative flow control technology supports Australia’s programme for clean LNG.

Oil Gas Separators

Electrical control valve actuators on oil and gas production separators.

Chemical dosing and blending

The role of precision actuators in the chemical dosing and blending process.

Intelligent valve actuators in the mining industry

In mining, flowcontrol equipment makes a vital contribution to efficiency and safety.

Low emission I/P convertors

Low emission I/P convertors for natural gas meet new environmental regulations.

Pipeline valve actuators

Pipeline valve actuators for safety-related duties.