Skilmatic Range

The Skilmatic range of actuators offer a unique and reliable solution for electric fail-safe and modulating control for both quarter-turn and linear valves and dampers.

They combine the simplicity of electrical operation with the precision of hydraulic control and the reliability of mechanical spring return or accumulator fail-safe action.

Available in both quarter-turn (65 to 600,000 Nm) and linear (1.5 to 3,850 kN) execution, the actuators are offered with a wide range of operating speeds, ESD inputs, partial stroke testing, analogue, Hart and fieldbus communication capabilities to comply with all control configurations. Independent limit switches and position feedback are provided. Selectable status and alarm indication with volt free relay outputs are also offered as standard.

Key benefits of the Skilmatic SI range

  • Electrical powered, 1-phase, 3-phase or 24 VDC
  • Fail-safe to close, open or lock in last position
  • Spring-return or double-acting
  • Linear thrusts: 1.5 to 3,850 kN (340 to 865,500 lbf) quarter-turn torques: 65 to 600,000 Nm (48 to 442,500 lbf.ft)
  • Adjustable operating speeds with stepping facility and optional internal flow control valves
  • Configurable Partial Stroke Testing (PST) Single or dual ESD/PSD input with solenoid configuration options
  • Positioning control option 4-20 mA input and output, resolution 0.3%
  • Network options Pakscan™, Profibus®, Modbus®, HART® and Foundation Fieldbus®
  • Data logger, recording up to 3,000 events
  • Configurable status and alarm outputs
  • Watertight up to IP66/68 (Control Module), IP66/67 (Complete Assembly)
  • Explosionproof Exdb IIB & IIC T4 –ATEX, IEC and EAC
  • TÜV Functional Safety SIL certified to IEC 61508:2010
  • Operating temperature -50 to +70 °C (-58 to +158 °F)

See the Skilmatic literature page for further details.

Skilmatic Range