Environmental, social & governance

Our Purpose and sustainability vision are one and the same: Keeping the world flowing for future generations. 

Our ambition is to become recognised as a sustainability leader within our industry. We are positioning ourselves to better understand and predict customers’ needs and play our fullest role in enabling smart solutions for global sustainability challenges. 

Rotork serves industries that play a vitally important part in the modern world. They provide us with heat, transport, electricity and water. However, they need to be decarbonised as much - and as fast - as possible, with support from their suppliers. Many of our customers also need help with reducing emissions of other greenhouse gases, such as methane.

Our products play a crucial role in transition and low carbon fuels. The production and distribution processes for these are valve and actuator intensive. Rotork’s products also help improve the environmental and safety performance of customers’ existing operations, with beneficial applications in all of the industries we serve. 

Our products are also an essential component in climate change mitigation technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, and climate change adaptation measures, such as reverse osmosis desalination. This purifies sea water for use in industrial processes, avoiding fresh water withdrawals. 

We launched our new sustainability framework in March 2021. It represents a natural evolution of Rotork’s longstanding approach to sustainability. It focuses on three main areas: ‘Operating responsibly’, ‘Enabling a sustainable future’ and ‘Making a positive social impact’ – reflecting the way we run our business, the impact we can have through our products and services and the way we engage with our people and communities.

Increasing our communication about our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is another key part of our new approach. We published our inaugural Sustainability Report in June 2021, describing the role we are playing in enabling a sustainable future and our ESG performance. 

Read more in our Sustainability Report