Master Station

Rotork Master Station


The Rotork Master Station provides the high integrity link from the Distributed Control System (DCS) to the devices in the field.

It comes complete with a large touch screen interface to allow operators and engineers to see exactly what is happening to the system and the field devices at any time.

A hot standby Rotork Master Station allows for continued availability of the system in the event of a component failure. Host ports allow connection to multiple host systems at the same time with redundant communication links where necessary. In the event of a fault occurring, the changeover to the standby is seamless without loss of data and control.

Rotork Master Station Features

  • Single, dual and hot standby Rotork Master Station options
  • Fully hot standby Rotork Master Station where all interfaces are replicated i.e. CPU, power supplies, display, network interfaces and control interfaces
  • Multiple host port connectivity, Modbus® TCP (Ethernet) as standard with optional Modbus® RTU (serial)
  • No specialist software required to configure the system
  • Can be configured fully via the touch screen interface or web interface
  • Large touch screen interface and web pages share the same intuitive menu structure focused on providing quick device set up, interrogation and issue resolution
  • Dedicated service port to maintain separation between configuration, maintenance or monitoring systems and systems for controlling the process
  • Choice of mounting options, 19” rack or panel mount
  • Industry standard NAMUR NE107 diagnostics indication
  • Modular design enables multiple field networks to operate from one Rotork Master Station
  • Two field networks - Pakscan™ Classic and Modbus®
  • Logging of host messages, field unit commands and status changes
  • Network time synchronisation (NTP) capability
  • Multiple language support
  • Compatible with existing and legacy Rotork actuators
  • Standardised Modbus® host database for all field network options
  • Backwards compatible for existing Pakscan™ IIE and P3 Master Station systems
  • Standalone operation possible if the DCS or host system is unavailable
  • Power supply module 100 - 240 VAC (±10%), 50 / 60 Hz
  • Up to 240 channel CPU options

View the Rotork Master Station video