Graduate Engineer - Bath, UK

What is your role here at Rotork?

I am a graduate engineer currently on my first placement in project management. The project is involved with working on new product development, organising resources and testing needed to deliver the project on time.

What kind of technology at Rotork do you work with on a regular basis?

The computers for normal documentation, presentations and so on, with software such as Microsoft projects and Jira for organising the project task management side of things and Jama organising and capturing testing. The other technology used would then be surrounding the new product that I am working on (which I don’t think I can discuss).


What does an average day at Rotork look like for you?

I normally start with a coffee checking emails and organising my day. Then its often contributing to meetings or even chairing meetings with the project team, project executives, or even external companies to check on progress or report issues and feedback.

The company works in two-week sprints so I will check and update the tasks that are assigned to me but a lot with the project management side of things is preparing the tasks that need to get done in the next sprint to keep the project on track.

I also have spent some time doing some user testing of the new product and feedback from that. I have been writing some test cases and user stories for the new product ready for them to be reviewed for the next stage of testing.

What were the main things about Rotork that made you want to join?

The graduate scheme is rotational so you get to experience different areas, but is still very tailored to you and your progression rather than following a set criteria. You get a lot of support and contact from a graduate manager, a placement manager and a mentor so it means from the beginning I have been able set out what I want to achieve.

What is the biggest positive about working at Rotork?

Firstly, great people who are really helpful and knowledgeable. And secondly, opportunity. This graduate scheme is letting me experience different areas of engineering, and I have been contributing to real projects that matter to the company from the start.

What makes you most excited about the future with Rotork?

Personally, I’m really excited about my next placement, which is going to be in Lucca Italy, it’s an amazing chance to spend 6 months living in another country while working for Rotork.

For Rotork it will be really exciting to see how the company develops over the next few years with its commitment to sustainability. It will be interesting to see how products evolve and the market adapts.