Supplier onboarding

Rotork Terms and Conditions - Suppliers

Smooth and easy supplier onboarding is an important stage in the creation of a productive and positive relationship between Rotork and our suppliers. We are committed to making it as easy as possible for new suppliers to smoothly integrate into our existing systems.

As part of our onboarding process we review both commercial and quality requirements with our new supplier. Our commercial requirements for supplier onboarding relate to the myriad of different things our suppliers need to know, action and organise before we begin business together. The Quality teams at Rotork have specific requirements and processes for each type of commodity that is supplied to us. They will work with suppliers to ensure these are set up in advance of orders being taken. Quality requirements encompass extensive delivery and packaging design requirements, supplier quality assurance and electronic supplier requirements.

Relationship with innovative partners

Rotork seek to work with suppliers and partners who are organisations specialising in / dedicated to innovative technology, solutions and procedures. We know that we are enhanced by positive relationships with suppliers who share our vision and can contribute to our success.

Global Approved Suppliers List (ASL)

An important stage is to be listed on our global Approved Suppliers List (ASL). Once on the ASL suppliers are eligible to supply any Rotork facility. This is a rigorous and competitive process where we ensure that our suppliers comply with our code of conduct and are the very best fit with Rotork. Cost and price is not necessarily the driving factor, but Rotork instead looks at a wide range of criteria. We aim to build the most productive and mutually beneficial relationships possible and the scrutiny and analysis we employ before a supplier is placed on the global ASL will ensure this.


All suppliers will be bound by confidentiality requirements and may be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and/ or conform to the specific confidentiality clause in their contract.


There are certain requirements about shipping and packaging that must be adhered to. Goods must be packaged in specified Rotork packaging and must always be accompanied by the necessary commercial and shipping documentation.