CK Modularity

The modular design concept enables quick product configuration from stock to customer specification with a short lead time. Module combination enables Rotork to provide the optimal solution for the wide variety of customer applications. This benefits both suppliers and end users of CK range actuators.

Motor Switch Gear

Any CK Standard or CKR actuator can be upgraded to include integral close coupled or remote mounted motor switch gear. This is achieved through the universal CK plug & socket connection and design of the
Centronik control module was developed with this upgrade path in mind.

Remotely Mounted Starters

Rotork provides an option to remotely mount the Centronik module of a CKC or CKRC actuator for applications where high ambient temperatures or excessive levels of vibration are present at the valve location. A cable length of up to 100 metres (328 ft) also enables sufficient access to Centronik equipped actuators where the valve locations is restricted by site space constraints.

CK Module Orientation

The plug and socket connections on every CK actuator can be rotated through 360⁰ at 90⁰ increments. This ensures CK actuators can be configured to best suit the site field wiring requirements. In addition to this, the Centronik module interface cover and the Additional Indication Drive cover can be rotated in 90⁰ increments to best suit visual feedback requirements.