IQ3 Pro Range

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IQ3 Pro Range Intelligent Actuators

The IQ3 Pro actuator can be operated and configured via the Rotork app on a smartphone, providing intelligent control and communication capabilities.

The app includes a virtual Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro (BTST), as well as a new configuration wizard which enables the commissioning of valves to be easier and more convenient. A secure connection is established between the app and the actuator utilising 'PIN pairing' to gain access.

All IQ3 Pro actuators have in-built data loggers so you can extract the data logs via the app, and export them to Rotork Insight 2 software or send to Rotork's cloud-based intelligent asset management (iAM) system.

The data log files include; torque and operation, temperature, vibration, and event log information. Other metrics such as partial stroke profile, maximum starts per hour and motor run time are also available.

The Rotork app introduces smart features including:

  • Dashboard with detailed status information always on display and easy navigation to all app functions
  • Valve Configuration Wizard enables easier and more convenient valve commissioning
  • Manual Configuration function allows experienced engineers to set all main commissioning settings
  • Setting Tool function provides full access to the actuator on-screen setup menus
  • Data Logs function allows the app to download data logs from multiple IQ3 Pro actuators
  • Secure Connection created by 'PIN pairing' between the actuator and the app to gain secure access

IQ3 Pro Features

  • Continuous position tracking at all times, even without power
  • On power loss, graphical interface, remote indication and data logger are maintained and accessible
  • Oil bath lubrication provides extended life and the ability to mount in any orientation
  • Water ingress protection, not reliant on terminal cover or cable gland sealing – double-sealed to IP66/68 7 m for 72 hours
  • Increased protection by using independent torque and position sensing
  • Remote operation, configuration and commissioning up to 100 m from actuator, with Remote Hand Station
  • Easy installation and maintenance using detachable thrust bases
  • Explosionproof to international standards
  • Safe, motor-independent, handwheel operation available at all times
  • Real-time valve and actuator performance information viewable on the dual-stacked screen
  • Control and commissioning via Rotork app, Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro (BTST) or local control knobs
  • Field upgradeable and configurable control and indication options
  • Rapid and secure commissioning & configuration even without power
  • Detailed trend analysis and diagnostic data available via intelligent asset management
  • Wide range of adjustable speeds available
  • Closed-loop control capability
  • Backwards compatibility and upgrade services available

Rotork also provides a wide range of supporting software and documentation for the IQ3 Pro range.