The Retrofit route to large-scale refinery automation

IQ actuators on Tupras Izmit Refinery.

A major petrochemical modernisation programme in Turkey includes a retrofit project that will deliver automated actuation and control for over 900 valves at a refinery’s tank farms. Tupras is Turkey’s largest industrial company and leading refiner, operating four refineries of...

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Rotork valve automation at solar power plants

A section of the parabolic troughs in a solar power plant

*** Kompletter Text nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich ***Spain is now the world's largest generator of electricity from solar power plants. Spanish solar energy plants utilise parabolic trough technology combined with a thermal storage system using molten salt batteries to...

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Rotork actuators with Profibus

IQ actuators on the dissolved air flotation inlet penstocks at Maundown

*** Kompletter Text nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich ***Rotork IQPro intelligent electric actuators with Profibus two-wire digital control provide an adaptable, reliable and economical solution for automated valve monitoring and control. Two recent projects undertaken by Wessex Water serve to...

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