Control Networks

Control Networks

Modern facilities require up to date communications right down to plant level. Plant managers demand more information quicker than ever before. Process operators need full control facilities at all times of the day and night. Maintenance managers want information so that their services can be scheduled economically. To meet these requirements, design engineers include field communications networks to allow every piece of critical plant to be controlled and monitored by computer. These computers are assigned to management operations and maintenance tasks within their own network, exchanging data about the equipment and processes under their control.

Rotork Master Station

Suitable for use in all industries, the Rotork Master Station is capable of operating up to 240 actuators across three separate field networks allowing the optimum network to be used in different plant areas. It now supports Modbus® RTU protocol with third party device integration and Pakscan™ Classic, Rotork’s standard two-wire closed loop system, which has more than 170,000 existing devices installed in networks around the world. 

Fieldbus Connectivity

Rotork actuators are compatible with most industry standard fieldbus systems as well as Rotork's own Pakscan™ system. Compatibility is via network cards that are fitted in the main electronics enclosure with full integration with your existing plant control system.