What is the difference between maximum operating pressure and design pressure?

The Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) is pressure that generates the torque used to engineer the mechanical loaded parts of the actuator. It is the one required to produce the Maximum Operating Structural Torque (MAST) of the actuator. Referring to CP and GP actuators the MOP value depends on the actuator model.
The Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) is the pressure defined for the design of the actuator pressure containing parts. It is applicable to a fully stroked actuator against the mechanical stoppers. The MAWP is also defined Design Pressure. Referring to CP and GP actuators the MAWP is 12 bar, with the exception of models CP/S-065-385*/DA and CP/S-065-385*/EA having a MAWP of 10.5 bar and the below listed GP models.